First E-gravel bikes from Nicolai: Argon GX SWIFT starts under 16 kg

Nicolai: Argon GX SWIFT

Nicolai is expanding its still relatively modest portfolio of e-bikes with the launch of its first gravel e-bike, the Argon GX SWIFT, featuring electric pedal assist. The new model was officially unveiled today and is available in two different versions.

Sporty and lightweight with Bosch Performance SX Like many other manufacturers, Nicolai has also chosen the lightweight Bosch Performance Line SX motor for the new Argon GX SWIFT. Despite its low weight, it delivers a remarkable 55 Nm of torque with a maximum output of 600 W. The drive offers various support modes ranging from 60 to 340 percent.

The motor is paired with the Compact Tube battery with 400 Wh integrated into the downtube. If the onboard range is not sufficient, it can be increased via the Bosch Range Extender with an additional 250 Wh. Nevertheless, there are two more bottle cage mounts available on the 7020 T6 aluminum frame.

Nicolai Argon GX SWIFT 7.0 Nicolai has equipped the Argon GX SWIFT’s top tube with the Bosch System Controller and a Bluetooth interface for the eBike Flow App, while the handlebars feature the Mini Remote control unit. For bigger adventures, the Nicolai e-gravel bike can be fitted with tires up to 47 mm wide on 28-inch wheels or 51 mm on 27.5-inch wheels.

Nicolai Argon GX SWIFT 8.0 Nicolai is launching the Argon GX SWIFT in two equipment configurations: the Argon GX SWIFT 7.0 in Silk Grey and the Argon GX SWIFT 8.0 in Candy Malbec. The manufacturer’s website provides an overview of the specific equipment and the differences between the two. The former model, weighing in at 15.5 kg, is slightly heavier but also the more affordable option with a recommended retail price of €7,899. The Argon GX SWIFT 8.0, priced at €8,599 according to the recommended retail price, weighs a minimal 15.2 kg, making it slightly lighter and better equipped. Optionally, the manufacturer also offers an Explorer Kit for a full setup with mudguards, a rack, and a lighting system.

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