Cube Editor Hybrid: The Urban E-Bike Virtuoso

As spring approaches, the cycle of bicycle trade shows in Germany accelerates once again. Numerous bicycle manufacturers seize this opportunity to unveil their latest models. Cube is one such example. At the upcoming Cyclingworld Europe in Düsseldorf, the company is set to exhibit, showcasing an entirely new model range – the Cube Editor Hybrid.

The Cube Editor Hybrid E-Bike

Polished to Perfection Some might even attribute a certain artistic value to this new urban e-bike. It’s clear Cube is intentionally embracing current trends to deliver an e-bike that is functional, lightweight, and stylish all at once. The manufacturer excels, in our view, with the frame’s design. The aluminum is finely processed with attention to detail. Where some manufacturers overlook the weld beads and move on to the next step, here they’ve been smoothly smoothed over through Smooth Welding. In some places, transitions between tubes are virtually indistinguishable, flowing in such a way that the aesthetics mimic that of a carbon frame. Only at the rear ends of the seat and chain stays on the drive side, and the small stay for mounting mudguards, does Cube opt for a less premium approach.

Market-Leading Lightweight Mid-Drive Motor Paired with a carbon fork, the frame remains notably lightweight. Concealed within the frame tubes is Bosch’s Performance Line SX motor. The motor and battery each weigh approximately two kilograms. Given the 250 watts of power, 55 Newton meters of torque, and a 400 watt-hour battery capacity, this is truly remarkable. The system is operated via a Mini Remote on the handlebar and a System Controller integrated into the top tube. The latter displays the currently selected riding mode and remaining charge of the Bosch CompactTube 400 through colored LEDs. Cube opted to forego a display in the standard equipment. However, the Intuvia 100 is a display that can be easily added and is not overly expensive as a retrofit kit. Of course, other displays from the Smart System, including the Kiox 300 and 500, are also compatible, offering extended functionality and color information—at a correspondingly higher price.

Navigating Urban Traffic with Ease Thanks to the Bosch Performance Line SX motor, you’ll be quick and agile in urban traffic.

Not For Everyone Speaking of price, Cube has tiered the prices from €2,499 to €3,299 across four levels, effectively dividing them into five different models. The flagship model is known as the Cube Editor Hybrid SLT 400X. Compared to the others, it offers the least in terms of everyday practicality—no lights, mudguards, luggage rack, or kickstand. But it offers the most in terms of sporty urban riding. This is the only model featuring an Alfine 11-speed hub gear in combination with a belt drive. The virtually maintenance-free and wear-resistant belt is a significant advantage for an e-bike you rely on daily. And the mentioned accessories can always be added later, thanks to the mounts available on the frame.

Bargains and Complete Packages Moving to the more affordable models, several features change along with the color. The Editor Hybrid SLX 400X closely resembles the top model in many respects. However, the number of hub gear speeds drops from eleven to eight, and Cube swaps the belt for a chain. Surprisingly, the most affordable model in the range, the Editor Hybrid Pro 400X, is also the lightest. Such a combination is rare. In our view, it’s a hidden champion among the Cube Editor Hybrid range. Notably, the mid-range Shimano Cues chain drive with ten speeds and a 436 percent range outperforms the top model’s hub gear, which offers a 409 percent range.

With the Editor Hybrid SLX FE 400X and Editor Hybrid Pro FE 400X models, you get the full package including lights, luggage rack, and more. Unfortunately, none of these are equipped with the higher-quality hub gear and belt drive, leaving you with the choice between hub or chain drive.

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