Electric A-bike

Q: How long does the battery take to charge?

A: Approximately 2-3 hours for a full charge.

Q: How many times can I charge the battery?

A: The battery pod contains grade A Panasonic Lithium batteries which can be recharged up to 1000 cycles.

Q: Can I ride the A-Bike Electric in the rain?

A: We don’t recommend riding the A-Bike Electric in heavy rain or in severely wet conditions, however the battery pod is splash-proof and is perfectly suitable for use in light rain.

Q: Can I buy a spare battery pod?

A: Yes, spare batteries pods are available for purchase.

Q: Can I ride the A-Bike Electric without using the battery power assist?

A: Yes, you can ride the A-Bike Electric with the battery pod switched to OFF or with the battery pod removed.

Q: Does the motor stop when you stop pedalling?

A: Yes, the A-Bike Electric is a ‘pedelec’ bike. When the battery pod is switched to ON, the motor will cut out when you stop pedalling or apply the brakes.

Is It Easy To Use?

Q: Is the A-Bike easy to fold and unfold?

A: Yes, the A-Bike Electric is designed to be folded and unfolded in under 10 seconds. It takes only a few minutes to learn how to do this with a simple step-by-step guide that can be found in the manual.

Q: Does the A-Bike have a chain and gears?

A: Yes, in fact the A-Bike has 2 chains! The internal twin chain system is totally encased at the rear of the A-bike which has the benefit of keeping grease and dirt away from clothes and hands.
The A-Bike has a single gear transmission optimised for commuters and easy use.

Q: Is the saddle height adjustable?

A: Yes, the ergonomically designed saddle has a simple quick release clamp allowing it to be easily adjusted up or down as required in a matter of seconds.

Where can I use one?

Q: Can I take it on public transport?

A: Yes, the A-Bike has been specifically designed to meet all the everyday short-journey needs of commuters. Whether on the bus, train or the Tube, the A-Bike’s compact folded size means it is little different to taking a rucksack or a laptop with you; and light enough to easily place in the overhead luggage racks or just keep by your feet.
The A-Bike Electric is the only bike approved by Transport for London for taking on the tube. It is compact so the rush hour restrictions on the size of bicycles imposed by many train operators do not apply.
In fact, the A-Bike is so compact it’s the world’s first bike you can take on a plane as hand luggage – but check with your carrier first! A question airlines are likely to ask is the watt/hour capacity of the battery pod, to which the answer is 138.

Q: Is it suitable for off-road travel?

A: No, the A-Bike is designed for use on hard surfaces only. Soft surfaces such as grass and carpet as well as surfaces with loose coverings such as gravel should be avoided.

Q: Can I ride the A-Bike in wet conditions?

A: Yes, the materials used are rust-resistant so the A-Bike is more than capable of surviving traditional British weather. However, the A-Bike performs like any other bike, so braking distances will increase in wet conditions and extra care should be taken.

Q: Can I use it at night?

A: Yes, the A-Bike has a full reflector system, however, we recommend using an additional lighting system and reflective clothing in accordance with the Road Safety laws.

Where can I buy one?

Q: Can I buy the A-Bike from national retailers?

A: The A-Bike Plus and A-Bike City are currently unavailable in Europe, however, the A-Bike Electric is available via our website and several national distributors in your area. Please visit:

for USA and Canada: https://innovativeedgedesign.com/
for Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg: http://www.abike-shop.nl/
for Japan: http://i-aion.co.jp/abike/index.html#image/mv-pict01.jpg.
for South Korea: www.velostar.co.kr
for Hong Kong: www.abike-shop.com

Q: Can I test one before I buy?

A: We can show you how to open and close the bike but are unable to allow test rides at our premises since we relocated.

Q: Are accessories and spare parts available?

A: Yes, a full spares list is available on the website should you accidentally damage any key parts. We also offer full advice on servicing and maintenance service details can be found in the manual.


Q: How do I repair a puncture?

A: For the non-electric version only. Full step-by-step details can be found in the manual. Once the wheel is removed the process of changing tyres and inner tubes is essentially the same as with any other bike. We recommend using a pump with a flexible hose to inflate the tyres. Please note that A-Bike Electric does not have pneumatic tyres.

Q: What is the tool kit for?

A: The tool kit contains the equipment necessary to keep the essential locking screws and bolts tightened up. Please refer to the instruction manual for more details.

Q: I have lost the instructions. Can I get another set?

A: Yes, they are available in PDF format here.

Q: Technical Instruction Videos

A: We have many technical videos available which we have brought together on our Facebook page: