Q: Can I take it on public transport?

By June 30, 2012 No Comments

A: Yes, the A-Bike has been specifically designed to meet all the everyday short-journey needs of commuters. Whether on the bus, train or the Tube, the A-Bike’s compact folded size means it is little different to taking a rucksack or a laptop with you; and light enough to easily place in the overhead luggage racks or just keep by your feet.
The A-Bike Electric is the only bike approved by Transport for London for taking on the tube. It is compact  so the rush hour restrictions on the size of  bicycles imposed by many train operators do not apply.
In fact, the A-Bike is so compact it’s the world’s first bike you can take on a plane as hand luggage – but check with your carrier first! A question airlines are likely to ask is the watt/hour capacity of the battery pod, to which the answer is 138.